Beginner Basics

The hardest part about getting healthy in a physical manner is actually adding some type of activity to your daily routine. Face it, some people come up with a million excuses to put it off, day after day. There are also individuals who have never worked out or those who have not worked out in quite some time and they go in to hard.  

My advice is to start out with simple exercises, because losing weight and toning up is a process, if done in a healthy way. Starting out with an exercise program with high cardio or heavy weights could not only affect you physically, but the extreme exercising could be a result of one giving up because of frustration because they  can not keep up or it is just to strenuous on their body. 

Below you can find a simple daily routine that you can do your first week or two weeks to help motivate you into continuing to build your workouts weekly.  Repeat Numbers 2-7 3 times.

1. Always Stretch First

2. 10 Jumping Jacks 

3. 5 Push-ups 

4. 5 Squats 

5. 5 Jumping Planks

​6. 5 Side Leg Raises (Both Legs)

7. 10 Crunches 




​The biggest struggle I have had to face was exactly how to get rid of the bulge in the lower part of my stomach. I have tried different ways to detox, I have incorporated the many different fruits and vegetables full of fiber, I have continuously performed basic exercise routines 7 days a week, and all of these resulted in the same outcome - A stomach that just would not go away! Recently, I decided to change up my workouts. After the 1st night incorporating these new exercises, my lower stomach felt as if I had never exercised in my life. I hurt when I coughed, laughed, and even hiccupped. After 1 solid week, I could definitely feel and see a difference. Not only did the bulge reduce tremendously, but I can now see definition where my lower stomach is toning up.

Follow the pictures and repeat the reps 4 times. In as little as 20 minutes a day, at least 4 times a week, you are sure to start seeing results!

Popsicle Stick Workouts

​Do you ever get bored with the same routine day after day? Another reason that people give up on exercising is that they do the same routine daily, because they are not really sure what else they should do. Not only does the repetitive routine get old, but you are also not alternating exercises to work other parts of your body. 

I came across this popsicle stick idea and thought it was genius. Simply write 3 exercises on each stick and draw 2 sticks. Each exercise on each stick should be repeated 3 times. 

This is an awesome way to add a little fun in exercising. Include all family members to make it an exercise game. Go ahead, give it a try!

Fitness - It is a process.

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“Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it.”  ~ Plato

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